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New Computing Short Courses

New Computing Short Courses

We understand that people are time-poor so we have designed a new range of training programs that can fit into your schedule without taking up all the day.

Our first two programs are “Getting to grips with Google” and “Unlocking Word & Excel”.

Each program delivers targeted information in a short, one hour session.

Getting to grips with Google runs through all the ways you can leverage google searched to find exactly the information you are looking for in today’s “need it now” culture.

Unlocking Word & Excel will dive deep into each program, providing you with handy tips and tricks to make you day-to-day use of these programs easier.

Our first sessions for for each of these programs are scheduled for:

Unlocking Word & Excel
Jan 31st: 12 noon – 1 pm

Getting to grips with Google
Feb 7th: 12 noon – 1 pm


Bookings for each of these programs is essential, so contact our office to reserve your place.